Trend: Cut-Out Booties

Bootie Collage

Cut-out booties are everywhere this season. And for good reason! They are the of the most versatile items in my closet right now. Pair them with a t-shirt & your favorite boyfriend jeans or skinnies for a casual look or with a skirt or dress (or shorts in the warmer months) for an edgier look. […]

Beet Carrot Apple Juice Recipe for Energy & Detox


Beet Carrot Apple Juice Recipe This energizing elixir will not only help cleanse your liver, but it will put a kick in your step! It’s loaded with antioxidants and benefits just about every organ in your body! Print Beet Carrot Apple Juice Recipe for Energy & Detox Ingredients 1 Beetroot 2 Carrots 1 Apple Instructions […]

3-Ingredient Energy Bar Recipe

3-Ingredient Energy Bar

3 Ingredients + 5 Minutes Cashew Cranberry Bar If you’ve ever read the label of a typical snack bar, I’m sure you were surprised at what you found. Most are loaded with empty calories, sugars, partially-hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients. These delicious energy and snack bars take only minutes to make, provide a boost of […]

Carrot Juice Plus Recipe

Carrot Juice Plus Featured Image

This naturally sweet carrot juice will help maintain your body’s pH levels, aid in cleansing your liver, promote digestion and provide benefits for your skin and hair…oh and it tastes great too! Print Carrot Juice Plus Recipe Ingredients 3-4 Large Carrots 2 Celery Stalks 1 Apple ⅓ Lemon (without the peel) Ginger (about 1 square […]